We offer a pleasant alternative to bolting on the body armor and doing battle. Frankly the vast majority of dealers today are honest and reputable. They treat their customers fairly and are involved in the community. However the automobile and RV buying process has not changed much over the years. We eliminate the back and forth with the unseen manager in the office and other tactics that can make the purchase process unpleasant. No lengthy negotiation with us just upfront pricing and open communication throughout the vehicle buying process.  We will answer all of your questions and explain each step.  You will feel comfortable that you are making a good decision.  That ensures that you have no regrets!

Another benefit when you do business with Auto and RV Finder is that we do not believe in maximizing the profit on every transaction! We believe in making a fair and reasonable profit for our efforts rather than making as much as we can. When Rob opened his first dealership he created a pay plan for the sales associates that completely eliminated the profit motive. The sales staff wanted your business but they did not care how much a client paid as the selling price did not affect their pay. Our customers appreciated this refreshing change and it made the buying experience more enjoyable.  We strive to offer the same pleasant experience today.

Additionally Auto and RV Finder is not our sole source of income. This allows us to lower the mark up and help you save.    We have a track record of assisting single moms, widows and others who may not have purchased a vehicle on their own before.   Our goal is to help everyone find the vehicle or RV that truly fits their needs at a price below retail.   More important is that every client feels great about their purchase.

If saving money and paying less appeals to you we may be a good fit. We do not always have vehicles in inventory as we are a personal shopping service that finds the car, truck, SUV or RV that appeals to you. We promise you will enjoy doing business with us. Buying a new to you RV, car, truck or SUV should be fun and we will do our best to make it enjoyable. If you are in a hurry or need something today or tomorrow we may not be able to help. For the rest of you give us a call or e-mail us. We would like to explain in detail how we can assist you.


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