How long does the process take?
Because we focus on finding just what you want and do not normally have your vehicle in stock we cannot offer same day service.  The length of time depends on how selective you are and it is OK to be picky.  We keep you updated every step of the way so you know the time frame.  Most transactions will take a week or more.


Do we charge a fee?
If we are providing consulting or inspection services and not procuring a vehicle or RV for you there is a charge.  We do not have a set fee however.  We believe in treating folks the way we like to be treated ourselves.  So when we consult for you or offer inspections we leave the amount you pay up to you.   The fee you pay is whatever you feel good about.  We try to give real value and deliver what we promise.  Our clients treat us well and we appreciate them! When you purchase from us we mark the vehicle or RV up a bit so our compensation is included in your purchase price.


Do we assist with trades?
We will purchase your trade when we can. Being a small business we are not always able to buy your trade if you owe significantly more than it is worth. Sometimes we are able to find a buyer for it when we cannot purchase it ourselves. We will inform you at the outset if we can help with your trade. You will know if we are the right company for you before you have too much time invested.


How much money will I save with your service?
The immediate answer is that you will save.  Our expenses are minimal allowing us to sell for less.  Until you make a selection we cannot identify your savings.  Once we find a vehicle you approve we will show you what others are selling similar vehicles for so you can make a good decision before you buy.  Our main priority is for you to have no regrets!  If we cannot save you enough you may be better off with a local dealer.  If we cannot provide great value for you we will recommend that you purchase from them!


Should I buy or lease?
Leasing versus purchasing is not for everyone and most folks do not understand the advantages and disadvantages of leasing.  One of the consulting services we offer is a thorough discussion of leasing versus purchasing and we will explain the positives and negatives for your particular vehicle and situation.


How does Auto Finders arrange for delivery of my new car?
When you purchase from us we will either pick your vehicle up or have it delivered to us in Buffalo or Sheridan.  This allows us to inspect it and complete any reconditioning it may need.    If you are out of the area we will arrange personal delivery or transport that is acceptable to you upon your approval.


Is there a warranty?
All vehicles are sold As-Is so Auto and RV Finders does not offer a warranty on any vehicles or RV’s we sell.  Many of the vehicles we find our clients are still under factory warranty.  The factory warranty is the strongest warranty available.  If a warranty is important to you let us know so we can focus your search on a vehicle with factory warranty remaining.


Is financing available?
We are not able to offer financing.  We can point you in the right direction though.  Most of our clients prefer to arrange financing at their favorite lending institution.  If you need financing and we cannot assist we recommend you patronize a local dealer who provides this service.





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