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“When I needed to replace my SUV I called Rob. He helped me choose the best model and went to several dealerships with me to make sure I found the right one. Once I decided what I wanted he called the dealership and got me an under invoice price and an extra $300 more for my trade in! It was so reassuring knowing I had a knowledgeable professional looking out for me. I love my new car and couldn’t be happier. The best part is Rob would only accept a voluntary donation. He had no fixed fee and left it up to me if I wanted to pay him. He is a godsend for women who have to buy on their own!”

Nikki in Buffalo WY

“As an expanding business, we needed two more cars for our technicians.  We have had great luck with Toyotas in the past so I asked Rob to find two 2012 Camry’s for a certain budget.  It was perfect because of his access to a national inventory, he found several to choose from.  I simply gave him a list of color combinations and features and we placed an order within 3 days.  It went so effortlessly that I had him find a Blue Ford Edge for my wife and they were all delivered the same day.  Rob and Jayne even came to my office to sign the paperwork so that I didn’t have to take time out of my day.  I would highly recommend him to any business.”

Ken Lutton - Technology By Design

“My husband and I have been avid campers for a long time, but after crawling in and out of a tent for 28 years we decided it was time to upgrade to an RV. We have had this dream of someday owning our own RV; yet the whole idea of it was overwhelming. We learned about Rob's RV 101 class and signed up. Rob is a wonderful and honest teacher. He is an expert in this field. He answered all of our questions and we left the class armed with our new knowledge and ready to take the plunge. After weeks of searching on-line and on foot we found what we thought was the perfect trailer for us. We contacted Rob and he came out to look at the trailer and give it his seal of approval. We are very pleased with our purchase and Rob was even able to negotiate a lower price for the trailer then the seller was asking.

We were now in need of a tow vehicle. Once again a daunting task; what to get, where to get it, how much should we pay? Rob was there to walk us through the whole process. His coaching helped us to get just the right vehicle for our trailer at the right price.

We can't wait to hit the road. I can honestly say that if you have any questions Rob is the man to answer them. Maybe we could have done it without him, but why. I am definitely glad we didn't even try. Thanks Rob for your help.”

Paul and Teresa

“Hello, I purchased a car from Rob at the end of this summer. I was very impressed with Rob and the condition of my car. I had been searching everywhere from local dealerships and also MT dealerships to find a used car in like new condition. Rob had the perfect car it was very clean and very obviously had been well taken care of. Rob went above and beyond to make sure it was a safe vehicle for my son and myself, he took the weight and worry off my shoulders. I love my car and am very grateful to have someone so honest to so business with. Thank you Rob. ”

Jennifer - Buffalo, WY

“A few years ago, I took a couple classes at the local adult education school in my area. They were RV101 and RV102. My friends and family made fun of me because they said I'd be in the classes with a bunch of "old men." Well, I didn't know one thing about any kind of RV, so I didn't care what they said. I took the class anyway. I knew I liked the thought of RVing, so I wanted to find out all there was to know. Rob Millum was my teacher. He did a great job explaining all the different types of RVs and why people chose certain ones, etc. To be honest, I didn't listen when he started talking about travel trailers because I knew I didn't want one of those. When I started looking for an RV because I wanted to take a trip across the country for my birthday, I found the only type that was affordable for me was, you guessed it, a travel trailer. I called Rob, and he came with us to check out the travel trailer that we liked to make sure everything was great with it. It was such a nice trailer, and Rob did such a great job inspecting it for us and negotiating the price for us. The guy was asking $7800, and Rob bargained with him and got him to sell it to us for $6500. Now that is a great part of the story, but it gets better. Rob came and helped me learn all about my trailer and how everything works, etc. He put up with me calling him and asking him all kinds of questions. I did take my trip, and I did pull that travel trailer across the country for 12,000 miles and 30 states (by myself, and I'm a girl) and I was gone for two and a half months. It was the trip of a lifetime. I highly suggest it! We live in an amazing country! If that wasn't enough, when I came home, I loved the whole RV thing so much, that I wanted to sell them, so Rob put in a good word for me at RV Solutions, and I got a job selling them! Well, today after owning our beloved travel trailer for two years, we decided to sell it because we don't see ourselves using it too much in the near future, so we sold it today. And because of Rob's great negotiating, we were able to take that $6500 travel trailer and sell it for $8700. Rob is such a great guy in so many ways and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to help with the purchase of your vehicle whether it be a car, truck or RV.”