Auto&RV Info101

Our workshop covers the basics of automobile and RV buying and owning. We are comfortable presenting to groups small or large. We have PowerPoint presentations and the projector and screen so all you need to provide is the room and the group! The talk can be tailored to the amount of time allowed and depending on how much you desire to learn. The workshop is free. We offer this service to help make sure your next purchase is enjoyable and that your selection fits your needs at a superior value. The most important thing is that you have no regrets! If you are interested in learning more click here.


Automotive Topics

New or used... which is for me?

Purchase or lease?

Depreciation and the true cost of ownership

Why impulse purchases cost so much more

Eliminate “buyer's remorse” and have no regrets



RV Topics

New or used?

Which type of RV is best for me?

Purchase from a dealer or private party?  The answer may surprise you!

RV Inspections

RV systems and how to use and maintain them

How to have no regrets



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